Fabricated Products Ltd on bimstore.us

Fabricated Products Ltd on bimstore.us

Posted 18th August 2015 by BimStore

Today we wanted to introduce you to another of the great manufacturers we have here on bimstore.us.  Fabricated Products is a manufacturer of heating and ventilating equipment and currently operates within various industries throughout the world, with installations in many commercial and industrial sectors such as hospitals, schools, universities, petrochemical plants, leisure centres and military bases.

Fabricated Products worked with bimstore to develop and bring their BIM offering to market, combining our knowledge and expertise of BIM with their own expert product knowledge to ensure that together, we have produced a great range of separators for specifiers use.

Some of the objects currently available on bimstore.us include the 1PASS Combined Air (Deaerator) Dirt Separator which combines the removal of air and dirt through a single unit, and the EasyTreat Chemical Dosing Pots which is an innovative water treatment solution for heating and cooling systems that provides the results of high-performance liquid treatment programs, yet is easier to use and more environmentally responsible.

To view the entire Fabricated Products BIM object range, visit their manufacturer page now!


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