bimstore needs your help!

bimstore needs your help!

Posted 23rd November 2015 by BimStore

We’re just a little over one week away from the #bimstore party and we’re getting pretty excited. Invites for the party have gone out and the RSVPs are starting to roll in.

We’ve chosen the food, now all that is left to do is choose the music – and we’d like your help!

Everybody knows that music is one of the most important considerations when it comes to planning the perfect party, so we want to get it right. Should we go for popular music? Classic hits? Cheesy party tunes?

We’ll play anything you want to so that’s why this week we are asking our @bimstoreUS Twitter followers for recommendations for the #bimstoreparty playlist.

Send your party tunes suggestions to @bimstoreUS on Twitter now and remember to also join us on our Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing some of the best (or worst?) playlist suggestions!


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