Bailey Rainwater Downpipes

Model:Bailey Rainwater Downpipes
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:20 Jul 2015
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Rainwater Downpipes
Rainwater Downpipes
Rainwater Downpipes
Rainwater Downpipes

Further Information

Bailey downpipes are available in two distinctive architectural ranges: Traditional and Flush-Fit. They are extruded in heavy grade aluminium to provide a robust product suitable for all building applications.

Downpipes are supplied as standard PPC in a choice of over 200 standard colours, giving a long maintenance free life. Of course, not every project is suitable for a standard downpipe so purpose made options are available for those ‘one-off’ situations.

This download is for the Bailey Rainwater Downpipes and contains the following ranges;

  • Flush Fit Round & Square
  • Traditional Round & Square
  • Flush Fit Round & Square (two piece)
  • Traditional Round & Square (two piece)
  • Flush Fit Anti Climb

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