Bailey Eaves Systems

Model:Bailey Eaves Systems
Software:revit 2013
Last Updated:20 Jul 2015
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Bailey Eaves Systems
Bailey Eaves Systems
Bailey Eaves Systems
Bailey Eaves Systems
Bailey Eaves Systems
Bailey Eaves Systems

Further Information

The eaves are one of the key features of a building’s architecture in terms of performance and aesthetics. It provides the important visual interface at the head of the elevation, helping to unite the visual elements of roof and walls. Significantly, the eaves are a key point of exposure to the elements too: the point at which rainwater is channelled from the roof and a means of protecting and shading the walls, windows and doors underneath. Bailey specialises in getting this critical building element right in terms of its function, buildability, aesthetic impact and the role it has to play in bringing different parts of total building envelope together.

This download is for the Bailey Eaves Systems and contains the following ranges;

I Line

Rev 02 - I Line, 220mm Type updated.

Rev 03 - Bullnose, Aerofoil, Quadrant, Chisel, Vertical & Cassette Soffit Ranges added.

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