Altro Puraguard

Manufacturer:Altro Americas
Model:Altro Puraguard
OMNICLASS:23-15 17 17 15
Software:Revit 2014
Last Updated:22 Sep 2016
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Further Information

Create a complete floor and wall kitchen solution by combining Altro Puraguard wall panels and accessories with Altro safety flooring. The easy maintenance, hygienic PVC surface will help you assure that your kitchen is clean and that food is safe for consumption.

Three times more impact resistant that FRP, Altro Puraguard is durable and can prevent damage to the wall from moving carts, bumps and dings. That also means no airborne fibers if it is damaged. Its homogeneous throughout coloring, camouflages scuffs so your kitchen stays looking new longer.

With custom trims, connectors and corners, Altro Puraguard will install quickly and easily with minimal kitchen shut down needed.


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